News From The Chairman 

                                           A.G.M. 2nd April 2019   


 Good evening everyone and welcome to our 11th  A.G.M and the start of our 12th year.

We have broken with tradition tonight, we usaually have our A.G.M first and then a quiz or open evening with our photo displays ,but tonight we have a quest speaker John Snow, who is going to give us a talk on Humour in the court room 

Our A.G,M tonight will be very short. Our new year started tonight with a speaker, Angela who has taken over our booking secretaries job from Debbie , has done a fantastic job in putting our coming year programme together. Angela has fallen into work on our committee very well and we can look forward to some brilliant talks in the coming year. 

I have the programme here, for you all to have a copy , Angela will run through this you in a minute. . While I am on the subject of the programme, I would like once again to thank Debbie and Roy for all the hard work over the previous 10 years putting our programme together.

 We the committee  have gone into deep discussion ,on the drop in members over the past few years, and how to increase the membership, we have decided on a bit of publicity here and in neighbouring villages , I have done a poster ,which will be going up and if any of you can take a poster and find somewhere outside of the village,that will be a great help. Angela is advertising our talks in the Blackmore Vale magazine and is hoping to find other papers and even Local radio.and I will be concentrating a bit more on our Web-Site We have also produced a flyer and will be doing a door drop here and in other local villages. 

Every year leading up to the A.G.M  our committee has discussed putting up the membership fee, and every year we have decided it was best not, and leave things as they are. but this year we have decided that just another £2 per year is not a great deal to ask, That is only a £1 an evening  So our membership fee will rise to £12 a year from tonight. There will be no change to refreshments etc.

We need to keep this society going, we need new members, and some younger ones would be handy, so put the word around ,tell your friends what brilliant speakers we have ,and it does not cost much a year to be a member. , and if we can bring in a few more it will keep our costs down.

We are still looking for new committee members 

Don't forget our Web-site ,this is very slow moving and sometimes completely forgotten  , but I have now put a note on my facing shelf edge in my office saying WEB-SITE in big letters

We have booked St Giles hall for teas on Sunday 2nd June , if you are free to help or just come along for a cuppa and cake and help support us , would be nice to see some of the old faces again .

and lastly I would like to thank you the members for supporting our society ,without you there would not be a History Society , and especially to the committee , Ron ,Angela and Anne, and Esme for her hard work in keeping our finances straight 

Thank You ..

Angela gave her report on the forthcoming programme

Esme gave her report on finances

Our next Meeting is Tuesday7th May at 7.30  







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