Programme. 2019-20

Tuesday 2nd April 2019                                     Humour in the Court       with John Cullinane

                                                                              followed by  a short A.G.M  .

Tuesday 7th May 2019  
                                      Call My Bluff   with Morgan Antell and Friends

Sunday 2nd June  2019       Teas at St Giles    Please come along and help or support,   or just have a cuppa and cake

Tuesday 4th June 2019                                       The Q.E. 2  story    with Steve Herra

Tuesday 2nd July 2019                                    The First World War in our Area   with Chris Brown,                                                                                                                                 Wimborne Town Crier   


Friday 9th August 2019                           Visit to Down Farm Museum see details on Web site or at a meeting   (see Events page)

Tuesday 3rd  September 2019                            Fairgrounds at War      with Kay Townsend

Tuesday 1st  October  2019                           Aviation around Poole Bay     1910-1976          with Kevin Patience

Tuesday 5th November 2019                   The Baronet of Bladen;  An agricultural pioneer of the 20th century who bought                                                                                         World  renown to Briantspuddle                         With Anne King

Tuesday 3rd    December  2019               Quiz and party night      with Chris Bright  

                                                                                   and our Christmas drinks and nibbles


Tuesday 7th January 2020                        The Corner Shop Killings    with  Paul Stickler;     retired police officer

Tuesday 4th  February 2020                    Creneberne-the coming of the Saxons  .How life changes for the                                                                                                                   local-Roman-Britons  with  the arrival of the Anglo Saxons  .                                                                                                                                            with Stephen Honey. English Heritage.

Tuesday 3rd March 2020                     Eight Generations; One Passion, A History of Stewarts Garden Centre                                                                                                         with Martin Stewart

Tuesday 7th April 2020                        The Role of the Royal Mail Guard  with Martin Horler                                                                                                                                     and short  Annual General Meeting 


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